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JatroDiesel - Your Comprehensive Partner for Biodiesel Technologies

JatroDiesel is one of the longest-running biodiesel technology companies in the world. As a leading biodiesel technology and equipment provider, our clients benefit from our experience and expertise in developing and optimizing Biodiesel refineries throughout North America and beyond. Whether you’re looking for a partner to build a turnkey biodiesel refinery from the ground up, to help you overcome specific engineering or process challenges, or if you are looking to process high FFA oils into a usable fuel source, JatroDiesel can do it all—and more.


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5MGPY / 50 TPD
SUPER™ Process
Location @ CHS, Illinois

Featured Product

featured product

Super™ Process. The single-stage process that eliminates esterification and transesterification, and puts no limit on feedstock FFA levels!

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JatroDiesel provided us with the support we needed to get our plant up and running.
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